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[Billboard] Day 2-ish

[ There is a small piece of paper with a series of parallel ink lines, like someone practicing using a quill. Then below it, in very neat and precise writing, is a small and simple message... and a small face. It's posted near the childish note saying "Free Use!" ]

Hello world. ( ´ ▽ ` )

[ On another piece of paper, there is a question written in the same neat and precise handwriting. ]

Should we hold a meeting to discuss our situation and establish ways for our stay to be as harmonious as possible?

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Sounds good to me. Where and when?

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Probably. I'll grab all the guys I know, and apparently there's quite a few, so between that and us passing the word along, we could make sure most everyone knows.

If I want to find you, who should I look for?

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...yeah, that'll definitely narrow it down.

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Definitely! We should also make a list of chores to help keep the place clean!! (*´▽`*) -- I-Pin
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I would certainly be up for it. Just post a time and place!

~MTT ♥
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A lovely time of day. I'll be there.

~MTT ♥
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[In neat and concise handwriting-]

Be sure to include no stealing things everyone uses. Ex. cooking tools.

- Tsukishima Kei
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We can bring things like that up at the meeting. There are a lot of different races here, so I’m sure others have concerns.

[He can’t believe he even had to write that. Amazing.]
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What is an Omnic?

[He’s asking not only for himself, but probably everyone else unfamiliar with the term.]
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[...He’s not going to lie, for all his apathetic mask, talking with an advanced robot like this is actually pretty fucking cool.]

Thank you for explaining.