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[log] Walk in harmony

Who: Zenyatta and others
What: Talking about ways to keep Home in harmony and talk about what's going on in a more group-like format. Related to Zenyatta's billboard post earlier
Where: Home's sitting area on the first floor
When: Backdated to Day 4, sunset
Other: Party style log. Zenyatta will have his own top if you want to interact with him specifically

By now, Zenyatta hopes that anyone who is interested in talking about the situation and how to keep Home in harmony has seen the notes he left on the bulletin board. Sunset comes, so he removes the old notes and piles them neatly on the table. (Just in case one of the people he conversed with wants to keep the note.) Zenyatta does leave his message of "Hello world. ( ´ ▽ ` )" up. He likes it there.

There are many questions and different experiences among them. A chance to talk with one another will help make their stay easier. This situation is strange, but it need not be an unpleasant one.
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[It's good to see another robot around asides from himself. As much as he's enjoyed interacting with mostly humans, it can get lonely being the only one of his "kind." So as soon as he sets eyes on Zenyatta, he takes a seat next to him.]

I'm doing quite well, darling~ And yourself?

[Best to start with small talk, right?]
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Ah, no. I'm a monster but my classification is simply robot. Although Omnic does have a nice ring to it.

[He pauses.]

If you don't mind me asking, we're you created by humans...?
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I see! How fascinating. I didn't know there was factories for such things!

[Mettaton blinks, noticing the pause in Zenyatta's voice.]

Because that's literally what I am. In my world, there are humans and monsters. Monsters are non-human sentient creatures that have magic abilities.

[He'll just... avoiding mentioning the "there was a great war and we were sealed underground for centuries" bit.]
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Mmhmm. I'm the first of my kind though. A robot with a SOUL. No one thought it was possible but... here I am!

[There is both truth and lies behind that statement. Not that he's about to tell anyone that either.]

If you don't mind me asking, do you normally need to recharge yourself?

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[As it happens, Kuroo sees Zenyatta before Mettaton, or he might've gotten confused over who called the meeting.]

Hey, you're the guy I talked to through those notes, right?

[He doesn't know if a robot counts as a 'guy'. He's not even sure robots like this have any concept of gender. But Kuroo's experience with the Judge has taught him that when in doubt, treat any new creature - or sufficiently animate object - like he would another person, with the same level of basic respect. This is how he'd approach another person, so he figures it's appropriate enough for approaching a robot.]
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I'm Kuroo. Nice to meet you. [And he bows slightly in greeting.]
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No problem at all. I've been having some thoughts that are worth talking over with everyone, maybe getting a group consensus over, so I probably would've needed to call a meeting like this myself if you hadn't.

For the record...my world doesn't have fully sentient robots. And what robots it does have aren't nearly as well-built or complex as you, even. So apologies in advance if I'm ignorant or disrespectful about how you work or how to treat you; someone like you is totally new to me.
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I'll do my best, then. [Kuroo smiles.] I figure defaulting to treating anything that can communicate as if it's on the same level as me is probably the best way to go. I ran into the same kind of situation with a talking cat.

[And he won the Judge over as a result. Apparently Kuroo's good with non-human relations.]

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I have been doing quite well, my meditative ally.

[And don't mind the Judge as he comes to nestle on Zenyatta's legs again.]

There has been a steady supply of small creatures for me to prey on, and I imagine that shall make many pleased that my stomach is not one they need concern themselves with.
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Oh? And how have you recharged in the past? I am afraid such advanced technology is far ahead of what I have seen in the past before arriving here.
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lmao i'm sorry for making you suffer, avie

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I see…. Indeed, with such archaic technology and means of life, I can see how that would be a difficulty for you. Is there any method which would allow you to conserve your energy?

[Can they just put you into sleep mode or]
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there there

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Well, if you ever have need of someone to be your ears and eyes, I will gladly supply my services for I am in possession of both which are the greatest quality. I would give you fine detail of anything you would have me investigate.

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