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Things are always happening.

Who: Sarangerel, and anyone curious enough to follow her.
What: Artifact Tossing 101
Where: East side of Domina
When: Noon (ish)
Other: Under blurbs for I-Pin's hair braiding and Dread and Sara being sappy at each other...

Sara had been carrying the glossy green egg for a while, though (usually in a backpack). With what Rachel had said, the Au Ra didn't expect it to hatch into anything.  But today, as she'd gone shopping in Domina, she'd taken it out to look at it...

And it had wobbled.  First, just a little, but then it had shot off--oddly like the thing that had become Domina, weeks ago.  And she had to run after it, to see what happened.

The sparkling, of course, was to be expected, but when it popped up into a very LARGE cavern, her eyes boggled.  That...was definitely not what she had been expecting...

Not that she was really sure what she had been expecting.  Still. This was not it. 

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[ He looks at the new cavern in silence, standing very still. It does not show the shock and amazement he actually feels at seeing that spectacle. ]

Do you know what just happened?

[ Zenyatta was not present when Domina appeared, so he has no idea that new locations are created in such a way. ]
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[ The stares are nothing new to Zenyatta, and he acts like he had not noticed her surprise, continuing to processing the fact that a new location has appeared instead. (He is also 5'8", not the tallest but still taller than her.) ]

Is that so? That is remarkable. May I ask where you came across such an egg?

[ He lays a light hand on the sleepy flower creature curled around his neck. Bothi came from an egg, and Zenyatta wonders if one of the other eggs was involved. ]
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Bothi hatched out of an egg with roots coming out of the bottom. They were very fast.

[ Zenyatta laughs softly, and Bothi flickers a vine a little. ]

If you get the chance, perhaps you can ask Rachel where she found it and if she knew what it could do. I would be very surprised if I was holding something that could become a cavern.
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[ He nods and gives a small bow. He does stand out in this world. There does not seem to be any local technology that even comes close to what he is. However, he has not been treated poorly. If only it were this easy back in his world. ]

Yes, I am Zenyatta. It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Dalamiq. Thank you for coming to the meeting even though we did not speak. I hope it was helpful to you in someway.
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Very well, Sara. I will call you whatever you prefer.

[ He is a polite one, after all. He then laughs. ]

And you may call me Zenyatta. Tekhartha is closer to a title than a family name... though many of my brothers and sisters share the name.