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Name:Legend of Mana
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The land of Fa’Diel is an expansive one, yet it is an empty expanse- a land whose features have been broken apart and lost. The only exception, the sole place of refuge which adds color and sanctuary, is the massive tree whose branches shield a sort of hope.

You may not consider yourself that hope, and may only wish to carve a new life for yourself. Perhaps you wish to unravel the mystery of how you have been pulled to this place in a bed not your own and a world not your own. Either way is welcome.

Any sort of activity, no matter how small, is better than the nothing that currently stretches over the land.

Legend of Mana is a slice-of-life and choose-your-own-adventure musebox/game inspired by the video game of the very same name. Characters have been mysteriously brought here with no answer as to how, and it is up to them to adjust to this new land and piece it back together.

It is intended to have a relaxed pace and no AC, with potential quests given every couple of months.

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