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[log] Eggs 101

Who: Rachel and half a dozen other people
What: Hey, kid, want to see an egg? The Eggs 101 quest.
Where: The outskirts of Domina, past the residential area
When: Day 11
Other: Surprise parenthood

Domina, despite the magical way it appeared to the residents of the tree, is a very simple town. While there's bustling activity of all sorts near the market, a quieter atmosphere reigns in places like the church on top of the hill or near the residential area and its outskirts. This is something that is obvious to anyone who's explored a little around town at all and has a bit of observational skills.

Today, however...

A little past the array of houses, near what should be a quiet clearing, is a cacophony of chirping. Anyone who goes to investigate will find nine eggs there in the middle of the clearing. At least... They look sort of like eggs. They all share a general egg shape as the best: oval and white. However... One seems to have fins on the side of it. Another seems to have cracks in its shell that almost seem like jaws. Et cetera, et cetera. All of them are mobile, but they don't go very far. In fact, they stick pretty close together and only seem to wander a little ways off from the main group before stumbling back and inevitably colliding with one of their own.

Crouched down behind a decently sized bush is a young woman with quivering antennae and delicate bug-like wings, her blue hair held back out of her face. For anyone who's been particularly social or observant or both, they might recognize her: this is Rachel, the daughter of the general store couple.
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"Ah, if I am guessing right, it looks like you too are trying to attract an egg." Zenyatta walks with careful steps. One egg (on root like legs) ran in this direction, and he does not want to startle it to run further. In his hands, he has a piece of dried fruit from Rachel.

"They are quite the marvel, are they not?"