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you're hot then you're cold.

who: shouto todoroki and anyone else!
what: the latest arrival is having a hard time coping with his sudden loss of quirk (superpower)
where: outside of home
when: early evening
other: nothing to note. he's just a confused and upset (?) teen who can't understand why he can't freeze or set shit on fire anymore;;

[he felt it as soon as he got here. eyes opening wide, barely registering the room he woke up in. not being in the dorms? that didn't matter. there was such a significant emptiness in the very pit of his stomach that made him feel.incredibly anxious and sick. shouto's head was spinning and all he could do was stare at his shaking hands- trying so hard to will anything to happen. anything at all.

but there was nothing.

no familiar crisp in the air before the chill came, no ice coating the bed or floor around him. and he didn't feel the burn of his fire, the power he barely tapped into before because of shame and spite- a power he was slowly getting used to but now was gone.

what was going on?

quirkless people existed, they existed without problems and had fulfilling lives of their own. but to have been born with a quirk, have it manifest at a young age... it was just part of him. like a limb- like it was his essence? to have it stripped from him without warning was messing with him far more than he could even comprehend.

with shaky steps he had no idea where he was going. barely registering the fact that he was moving at all, mismatched eyes hardly taking in his surrounding. shouto should be better than this, he was taught better. always remain calm and alert regardless of situation or circumstance.

...but surely he could be forgiven this one time, right?

he... should be allowed?

breathing was hard, panic settling in heavily and rapidly with every step.

before he knew it he was outside, blearily looking up at the darkening sky. the fresh air was sorely needed but it didn't provide him with answers. it didn't fill up this gaping hole he felt with every agonizing breath.]


Am... I broken?

[said to no one in particular, not like he was registering other people right now of they were near or not. it was directed at the sky. the answerless sky.

he was either dead or broken.

neither were agreeable prospects.]
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[personal profile] orbislife 2016-09-15 02:40 am (UTC)(link)
[ The scene before him is familiar. Zenyatta remains still, save for the slight tilt of his head. His forehead lights glowing softly. His hand lightly clasps the other. ]

What makes you say that you are broken?
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[ Zenyatta is mildly surprised, though he does not show it. He half expected a more aggravated response. ]

I cannot feel the warmth of the Iris nor channel energy. There is something about this place that distances us from abilities we normally have. If you are broken, then I am as well.
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I do, but I also know that I must accept and understand that feeling of loss. I cannot let it consume me.

[ And it could easily do so. He regularly meditates and reflects upon his inability to touch the Iris, but he also believes that the Iris is still present regardless. And that gives him some comfort.

Zenyatta's head tilts slightly as he sees the attempts at deep breathing.

... Would you like to join me in meditation? I have yet to do so today, and it may help clear your mind.