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[Log] Waking up in strange places...

Who: Skyfire, anyone that finds him, and Zenyatta (The hazards of shared rooms)
What: Waking up in a strange place is stressful, a rude awakening even more so.
Where: Home. Floor 3 room 4 to be specific. Also other places.
When: Mid morning.
Other: Skyfire is about 12 feet long, and seems to be organic at first glance. He's really Cybertronian(robotic/mechanical) with a (very realistic) organic seeming appearance. He's given in and just refers to himself as a 'dragon' however, unless someone says something about it.

At Home, Third Floor, Room Four:

Anyone who is still asleep, wouldn't be for much longer as a yelp of surprise echos down the halls followed by the sound of something large hitting the floor with a loud thud. Skyfire wasn't expecting to come to awareness in a bed inset into a wall... one that was too small for him as well...

Someone coming to investigate the noise would find an unusual sight as they entered the room. What looked to be a 'smaller', serpentine dragon, with red wings and a white body, sprawled face first on the floor, tail end still mostly on the bed, pillows caught on it's horns and blankets wrapped around one hind leg and a wing.

Skyfire might have been small for a dragon, but trying to fit twelve feet of a dragon onto a bed made for a person of, what at most was close to six feet...

...He looked utterly ridiculous, feathers ruffled and somewhat dazed.... having had a fight with the bed linens and lost.
Anywhere Else:

Skyfire decided he needed to know more about this place that he'd ended up in. Still feeling out of place and somewhat uncomfortable, he's decided to look through the public areas of Home and go wandering around outside.

((ooc: Pick a place, I can roll with wherever you choose.))
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Zenyatta wondered where the Outsider had gone off too. Perhaps he decided to live in the town or wandered off. Wherever he had gone, Zenyatta hopes he is well.

But he does not have time to dwell on his missing roommate. A crash disrupts his thoughts, and Zenyatta rushes (as fast as he is able to) upstairs to the source of the noise. He is surprised that his search leads him to his room. He is a little stunned to see a large dragon tangled up in bed sheets.

"Are you all right?" he asks as he walks closer, footsteps clacking on the ground.
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Ah, wonderful! They can converse, and the dragon sounds willing to as well. Zenyatta's heart is smiling even if his face cannot show it. He is used to dragons. His student, Genji, could summon and wield the power of a dragon, and thought the type of dragon is different, it is a nice reminder of his home world. He wonders what Genji would think of this.

"I am Zenyatta, and this world is called Fa'Diel." He continues coming closer, arms held up to show he means no harm. "I will answer what I can, but please, let me first assist untangling you. I imagine that is not very comfortable."

Near Zenyatta's bed, a plant stirs and lifts their pink blossom-like head toward the commotion. "Ah, and over there is Bothi. They are quite a sleepy flower and able to sleep through much. Good morning, Bothi."
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With permission granted, Zenyatta starts to take the pillows off the dragon's head and return his full sight. "Most of us who are staying in this tree come from separate worlds. We do not know why or how we have arrived here yet, though some have guessed split timelines and time compression based on events that have occurred in their own worlds. I am not an expert on those matters, however."

The pillows are dropped to the floor, a few feathers floating into the air. The sheets are next to be carefully removed. He works fast so that sheets soon join the pillows. "How are you feeling now?"
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Zenyatta backs away to give the dragon more space, making no outwardly expression but secretly amused (and sympathetic) to falling out of the bed and onto the floor. It has happened before. Twice in this room alone.

"If you wish. I do not think there is anything keeping you here if you desire to reside somewhere else. There was a man who shared this room with me, but I have not seen him for some time. I hope he is all right."

There were no signs of any wrong doing or strife between them, so Zenyatta has no clue as to the fate of the Outsider.
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"Be at peace, Skyfire. I take no offense, and if rooming here becomes an issue, one of us can move into a vacant room. I believe others have done so. Perhaps there is a reason that you have appeared here rather than somewhere else."

Like to signal that the Outsider will not be returning to this place. Zenyatta gives a light sigh to ease his own troubling thoughts. Then he chuckles.

"Though, I hope others would have aided you upon your arrival if you had arrived in another room."
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"I do not mind at all. If there is anything that I can assist you with in the meantime, I will be happy to do so. I do not need much in the way of a bed. I enter sleep cycle sitting up."

The only time he had laid down in his bed thus far was wen he awoke in it upon arrival. He otherwise sits on the floor or on a pillow when in the room. (He would be hovering if he could.) Bothi enjoys being wherever as long as they get to stay undisturbed for as long as they like. Zenyatta also does not have much in the way of possessions. He has the money given to him and his nine orbs. They lay idle in a drawer.
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The idea of joints locking up is not something unique to a mechanical person. Humans have joints that can lock up. And he could stretch the idea of a raw and scrap metal to create a hoard to nest in. That can be considered dragon like behavior (that he has heard in stories).

However, cables? An organic being does not really have cables unless they are a cyborg.

"... I do not. That might be something to ask the townspeople of." Zenyatta puzzlement is in his voice, and he inclines his head slightly. "May I ask you a question about your physiology?"

It should also be obvious that Zenyatta will not care if Skyfire is mechanical, being one himself.
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Zenyatta brightens, and he clasps his hands before him. "True self is without form. Though, I would be lying if I did not say I am pleased to meet more who are familiar with mechanical people beyond fiction."

Mentally, Zenyatta reminds himself that he needs to meditate and organize his thoughts. It would do much to help the budding homesickness within him, to accept and then proceed to move forward. It would not do to dwell on the discord when he can find harmony. But he does miss home and the work he was doing there. The people he was with.

"I do not mean that I am uneasy around the others who inhabit this place. They are have been very kind, and the townspeople have been too. If you wish, I could ask in your stead or introduce you, so they know you to be a friend."
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/Jedi handwaves height of the townspeople

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"They are about this high." Zenyatta is 5'8" (1.72m), so he raises his hand to about how tall the townspeople are compared to him. "I would be happy to introduce them to you. While I think you might be the largest one I have met here, the townspeople come in their own various shapes. Your appearance may not invoke fear in them. Your demeanor certainly will not."

In all, he's trying to say that Skyfire should have little to fear. He has faith in the townspeople. They did not treat him with any distrust or even discomfort despite being made of metal and wholly unlike the technology available.
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Move along

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"When I go to town next, I will inform them that there is a very friendly, but large, dragon that would like to become friends." There's a smile in his voice, and Zenyatta believes that this will be an easy bridge for the villagers to cross. "I may approach Rachel first. She not only was at ease with me but also trusted me to care for this little one."

Zenyatta motions to Bothi who has since come closer to Skyfire while they had conversed. Bothi looks (though they do not have any visible eyes) curiously at Skyfire, tilting their head slightly in a mimic of Zenyatta's own gesture. They take a few steps even closer on their vine legs and extends another vine with the intent to lightly poke Skyfire's side. Bothi does not seem to be scared, merely inquisitive about this new being in their room.
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With a nod, Zenyatta accepts this plan of action. He will go down to the village and speak of Skyfire. Then, based on their (positive) reaction, he will take Skyfire there. If anything, it would prevent Skyfire from getting lost on the half hour journey. Though, Zenyatta doesn't know if anyone could get lost with the strange way this world works.

Bothi gladly investigates and lightly wraps a vine around one of Skyfire's fingers, almost like they are comparing "hands." Given time, Bothi may take to climbing upon Skyfire like they do Zenyatta. And then napping.

"I only ask that you do not become disheartened before you have the chance. You have made two friends already."
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It's a sentiment that Zenyatta can empathize with. Omnics are not always welcome, and acts of violence and discrimination are common in many areas of the world. However, he also knows that he cannot make new friends if he assumes they will hate him from the start. And if the do, he will have to make his own connections and change their minds by example.

Bothi will make the choice for Skyfire. With a lack of discouragement, Bothi works to climb up onto Skyfire to get a better look. They've seen no reason to fear the large dragon, and if Zenyatta is at peace, then so is Bothi.

"You are welcome. However, I may need to apologize for Bothi's behavior. I often let them climb on me, and they seem to think everyone will allow that."
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"I feel like Bothi would rather catch a ride than run in front of anyone moving," says Zenyatta as he laughs. He also trusts that Bothi would not try to enter anyone's mouth. However, climbing into Skyfire's horns sounds like a wonderful idea, and they use their vines to happily perch in there. Skyfire's horns now look like they're blooming.

"Ah. Bothi. Please behave yourself up there, and Skyfire asks you to get down, do so."
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"I will not. While Bothi does look cute up there, I would not want them to be a burden on you." Zenyatta doesn't mean burden in a sense that Bothi would be heavy but more in the sense that he doesn't want Skyfire to worry about babysitting.

"There are a few books in the study that become updated with new information about the people and creatures that exist in this world. If you feel up to it, I could show you where it is."
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"I feel the same. Please, follow me." Zenyatta takes a few steps toward the door out of their room, then stops to look back at Skyfire and Bothi. Bothi remains perched in Skyfire's horns, but they do turn their attention solely toward Zenyatta. As if he senses Bothi's questioning, Zenyatta extends a hand outward. Bothi scrambles down Skyfire's body and scurries across the floor until they are climbing up Zenyatta's body to rest around his neck. Zenyatta offers a few soft, mechanical hums.

"I will also show you the way outside of the home, where you can stretch out fully to your heart's content."

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