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[Event] Pumpkiller

Who: A very big and magical Jack-O-Lantern and you
What: A giant pumpkin is trying to take over Domina... or something like that.
Where: West Domina, past the residential area
When: Day 33
Other: Likely some violence. Check the post for more info and ask any questions here.

At least, that's what the usual mail pelican is frantically squawking about on the front steps of home with her feathers going everywhere as she flaps her wings.

And.... there are some very disconcerting dark clouds gathering around Domina that haven't yet started intruding on the sky around Home. Perhaps this merits some checking out.

To those that venture forth, they'll notice that Domina is eerily quiet as they step into it from the road. Both Domina's tavern and inn seem empty, which is a strange thing in itself. Anyone who's visited the town regularly will have noticed that those two places, for good reason, are often the most lively places in town.

Just where has everyone gone....?

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[ Zenyatta arrives in Domina after a long walk with Bothi curled around his neck. The dark clouds over the town had intrigued him, and the pelican's message concerned him. Also, Bothi could use spending more time outdoors... even if they are more prone to sleeping during the trek than walking along. Perhaps Zenyatta should consider teaching Bothi to do other things besides sleep.

He is more alarmed when the town lacks its normal activity and searches for a familiar face. He finds one along with where the missing townspeople had gone.

Ah, Miss Rachel, do you know what is going on?

[ And if they had not already had a chance to meet again, she will be able to see what his egg hatched into. ]
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[ He files away the information about magic and Mana spirits to ask about at a later time. A large pumpkin could make a lot of pies, but it would not explain the mail carrier's ruffled feathers. It is a squash. ]

Miss Amalette was very alarmed by its appearance. Did no one plan the crop there?
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A pumpkin the size of a house that can attack people with vines would be alarming.

[ (He hopes Bothi does not grow to be that large.) ]

Is there anything we can do to aid Duelle?
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[ He nods. Duelle should not have to shoulder a task by himself. ]

I have martial arts training, and I will make sure that Bothi remains at a safe distance. Please be at ease.

[ She should be concerned for the monk bot... ]
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I will. Thank you for your concern.

[ With a slight bow, he goes to see about this large pumpkin. ]