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[Event] Something has happened...

It happens in the middle of the night.

Some people, for whatever reason, will find themselves waking up in the middle of the night to a sense of disturbance. Nothing serious- more like noticing something has been misplaced in a room. Perhaps it's because of night's darkness or the pale light of the moon, but things seem unreal in a sense.

For those who venture around, at some point they might notice through the windows there is someone outside.

It's a young man, somewhere in his 20s, golden curls tumbling out from a fairly large red hat. Gloved fingers are at work attaching to something to one of the lower hanging branches of Home, and a look of intense concentration is fixed on his face. Trying to call to him from one of the windows doesn't seem to reach him. And whenever they blink, or glance away, taking their eyes off of him for whatever reason...

He's gone.

The spot where he was standing is completely undisturbed, no sign of footprints, and everything else seems just as untouched both in and around Home. However, at the branch he was fiddling with...

A small leaf charm sways in place, the soft green of it nearly glowing from the moon's light.

[Feel free to tag into this either investigating, or discussing things with other characters in the morning, but it's not required to do so or even be aware that this happened. Any questions please direct here.]
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Good evening.

[ Zenyatta wandered outside to admire the night sky after being disturbed from his sleep mode. In his lap, he has an egg with roots poking out the bottom. ]

Have you come to enjoy the night air?
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Re: A

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In a manner of speaking. Looks like it paid off too.

[She plucks the charm off the branch and dangles it in front of Zenyatta cheerfully.]

See? I won a prize.
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I did not realize that people have taken to decorating the tree. How cheerful.

[ If he could smile, he would be, but hopefully his voice conveys it. ]
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If, perhaps, a little out of season.

[She shifts the charm in her hand.]

I believe this may have greater significance than a mere ornament, however. Not often you simply find something such as this hanging from a tree in the middle of the night.
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[ He tilts his head thoughtfully. ]

Hmm... Perhaps not back in my world, but in this world, there are many strange things. Midnight tree decoration may be one of them.

[ He pauses. ]

May I take a closer look?
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If you wish.

[She passes the ornament over. Really, that's fine with her; if there's something important about it, it's better if she's OBSERVING rather than participating so she can take better notes.]
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[ He holds the tiny ornament gently in his hands before holding it by the string used to attach it to the tree. A weak nighttime breeze spins the ornament. ]

I feel as though this has a greater meaning to it beyond mere decoration.

[ Zenyatta offers it back to Accord. ]
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[She takes it and pockets it.]

I believe you may be quite correct about that. Although what exactly that greater meaning is remains to be seen.
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It is. I wonder when it first arrived.

[ Would he have noticed it had she not pluck it out of the branches? The charm is a green leaf, but Zenyatta hopes he would have seen it if it had been placed earlier. ]