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Defend with me

Who: Zenyatta, Rainbow Dash, others
What: Rabitten quest
Where: General Store, Domina
When: Day 17, midday
Other: If you are taking part in the quest, hop in if you'd like to

Having taken to occasional long walks to the town, Zenyatta hums as he browses the marketplace. He is not alone. Curled around his neck is a tiny flowering vine. It is actually a newly hatched Lullabud, dozing away, very still. Jennifer's grumbling does not go unnoticed, and soon Zenyatta has an earful (if he had ears) of grievances. Bothi (the Lullabud) is surprisingly resilient towards staying asleep.

"I would be happy to help. I will head to the general store to look." Zenyatta gives a shallow bow and makes his way toward the store.
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Outside the store hovered a pegasus, a frown on her face as she muttered to herself. "What would Fluttershy do? Maybe if I got tough with him..." She'd thought that more than once, and still wasn't sure it was an answer.

The Omnic popping up pulled her out of her contemplation long enough to wave. "Hey, Zen. What's up?"
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"There's a big ol' bunny in there I'm supposed to be getting rid of." She rolled her eyes at that -- clearly she'd only been asked because the rabite was an animal monster thing and SHE was an animal monster thing, right? "Now normally I'd just go buck it across town till it got the hint, but I have a friend who'd never forgive me. So I gotta figure out what to do about it!"
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Thing is, Rainbow didn't have to say yes. She had.

"Oh, cool!" The pony promptly perked up at the promise of assistance, specifically more social and diplomatic assistance than her. That freed HER up to be a little more direct if nothing else. "Yeah, we can get this bunny out of here together!"
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In she zipped -- them promptly (and audibly) screeched to a halt in midair, before backing up slightly. She hadn't actually SEEN a rabite before.

"Whoa. 'Big bunny' was a little understatement."
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"Hey there, bunny. You gotta get out of here, okay?" Rainbow, taking the direct approach, drops to all four hooves to walk over to it. "You're causing trouble, you know? You gotta -- WAIGH!"

The bunny opened its mouth wide. Really, really wide, and Rainbow scrambled backwards in flailing alarm as it snapped at her, looking like it could swallow her head whole. Look out for the flailing, retreating pony, Zen!
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"Zeeeen," Rainbow said from behind his back where she'd retreated to peer over his shoulder. "How does a rabbit have a mouth that big? I mean I know it's a big rabbit but that was a big mouth!"
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"Maybe it dines on ponies." Not normally this quick to fear, Rainbow couldn't help but be unsettled by how UNNATURAL it all was. A rabite was close to something from home, but very different in one or two horribly unsettling ways.

Still, she shook her head to clear it, then nodded. "Yeah, I'll go find something." On that note she was off, leaving a rainbow wake.
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Rainbow had one heck of a branch clutched in her hooves and another smaller one gripped firmly in her teeth. She offered both of them up very carefully to Zen, staying well out of nomming distance.
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"Oooh, I get it." With her ears and tail perked up now that she saw how this was gonna work, Rainbow zipped back outside, dropping down the bigger branch right outside the door. "Branch in position!"
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The only delay came from Rainbow quickly getting on the inside of the shop. The door banged shut behind her as she kicked at it with a hoof. "All right! That's one evicted bunny! Great plan, Zen!"
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Rainbow wished Fluttershy were here -- she'd have scolded or coaxed the rabite out no problem at all.

But hey, the two of them had done really good! And that definitely went a long way towards making up for the disaster that had been the whole cutie mark swap thing. Flitting over, she stuck out a hoof for Zen to slap. "Looks like we're the heroes of the day!"
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"If I know rabbits, it'll get sick of waiting and wander off once it eats that branch."

But, in a rare moment of honesty, Rainbow added after a moment, "...not that I really know them that well. I'm more of a tortoise lover myself."
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"You and Fluttershy would totally get along." Maybe that's why Rainbow liked Zen, she mused; he reminded her of her pegasus PFF a little. "But if you ever saw Tank you'd totally see why he's my pet."
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"So, how 'bout we go see how grateful what's-her-name is now that we saved the day?" Rainbow said, zipping back over to the door to check for the rabite. Nope, all clear!
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All but slamming the door open, Rainbow shot off at speed!

...then returned, sheepishly, a moment later, having gotten way ahead of herself. Heh heh, whoops. They ought to go together.
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Kuroo's heard some murmurings about an issue at the inn, and it seems like it's worth looking into - especially since it sounds like it pays. They all need to be looking for ways to make money, and at the moment there aren't a lot of options for someone like him. Best to investigate all possibilities that don't blatantly sound outside his capabilities, then.

It's as he's making his way to the inn, his Rabite (which he's named Lev) lolloping along behind him, that he spots Iwaizumi. He changes course on a whim. "Hey, if it isn't Iwa-chan~."

Kuroo's like a very low-key Oikawa when it comes to irritating people. Of course he'd mimic him for a laugh. (Unlike Oikawa, though, he'll probably knock it off when requested.)
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One of these days he's going to shove Oikawa off a fucking cliff for making that damn nickname stick. Grumbling under his breath, wondering if it would be worth the trouble just to ignore the Nekoma captain or if he should actively engage.

...Dammit. Not like he had much of a choice, and the guy wasn't so bad he guessed?

Arms crossing over his chest he gave a gruff sort of grunt in response.

"Iwaizumi," correcting idly before he spots the Rabite, brows raising. "That yours?" Well, obviously.
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Kuroo grins at Iwaizumi, but he's not really looking to harass the guy so he accepts the correction. "Iwaizumi, then. What're you up to?"

At the question about his rabite, he grins and kneels down at Lev's side, rubbing his head. "Yeah. He's cute, right? You can pet him if you want, but he likes to nibble things, so be careful of the mouth."
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He's glad they could understand each other there. Shoving his hands in his pockets, shrugging his shoulder a bit. "Heard about something interesting, so I figured I would check it out. There's not much else to do." He was itching for excitement after finding those blocks on the first day, making the entire town appear.

And Oikawa has been sort of quiet so he had to busy himself somehow.

Giving a wary look to the fluffy thing, raising a hand in quiet protest.

"Y'know, I think I'm good." Iwaizumi liked all of his fingers where they were, as cute as the fluffy thing was he wouldn't risk it. "What about you? Just takin' a stroll or..." gesturing idly with his free hand.
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"Suit yourself." Kuroo shrugs easily, scruffing Lev between the ears one more time before straightening up again. "And I was heading to the inn. Heard they needed some help checking something out, and I thought it might be an easy way to make money."

He cocks his head. "Actually, I heard we've got you to thank for this whole place." He gestures around them at Domina in general. "I've only heard about the fact that you somehow made this place appear out of thin air, and honestly I still don't get it. What exactly happened, anyway?"

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Getting rid of monsters wasn't unfamiliar for Hisame. But they weren't usually monsters like this. They didn't usually look this cuddly and adorable. Tatara and Mao stare at it as well, both blinking in unison.

They found it. Now they just needed to get rid of it somehow.

Nah, I didn't have any plans with anyone.

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And hear him Hisame does, as do Tatara and Mao.

"Returned? Was this one driven off before?"

There's an enthusiastic "Hello!" from Tatara which earns him a rebuff from Mao, the Virus-attribute Digimon snapping at him to not take his eyes off of the Rabite.

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So they were able to lure it away the first time. Hisame turned his attention back to it, studying it a little. Normally, when it came to dealing with monsters, he and his team did one thing; exterminate them, extract the core, and be done with it. But that was back home and this was not home. Though that was still an option.

"Do you have something in mind?"
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