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right foot, left foot

who: akaashi keiji and YOU (???)
what: a day in the life of a misplaced teenager.
where: around home and domina.
when: from early morning to late afternoon/evening.

a. (try not to get yourself killed) [HOME]

[when the sun rose, so did he. a small bag by his bed prepared the evening before filled with some nutrient filled food stuffs and a change of clothes. it was grabbed on his way out, each step quiet and careful as to not disturb anyone on his way out of the tree.

he never expected a peaceful life when they all woke up here, but it felt like maybe instead of hiding within the safety of his room while others got involved, he should probably do something as well. he was just a sub part setter on a national level volleyball team- he didn't have any outstanding skills except for his calm reasoning and biting savagery with his words when the situation called for it.

but maybe he could change that.

bokuto-san, kuroo and kenma were here as well as a handful of other people get vaguely knew or heard of. they were all capable in their own way, if he wanted to be of any help he needed to train his body more and maybe pick up a weapon of some description so he could get involved and be there for bokuto-san when he needed him most- if the situation were to ever arise.

akaashi would use the early morning hours for walks to calm his nerves (homesickness hit him early and swiftly) but after finding a nice secluded spot with a few trees and plenty of room he took to using it as a training spot of sorts.

he had very little knowledge on the way of swords, just bits and pieces he learned from history classes or things he picked up from watching documentaries during his spare time.

it was chilly this morning and he huddled further into his sweater as he began his stretches. and when he felt his body was limber enough he grabbed the sturdy branch he had been using in lieu of an actual sword. it was light and thin but also hard to break- he wanted to eventually use something swift and light if need be.

puffing out a breath he started out the drills he had plotted out for himself.

left, right, jab.


strike, left side. step back, dodge.

this would be more effective of he had an actual sparring partner. but the tree should do for now.]

b. (money makes the world go round) [DOMINA]

[so! the plan to go into town and find himself a job was a good one, right? a lot of teenagers his age would get summer jobs, and while this place wasn't home he was sure the experience would be essential in his development and also...

he needed money.

having browsed some equipment shops and food stalls he quickly came to the conclusion that he needed some sort of income.


but! this was also a problem because back home this would be easy, he would have a resume written up and he would apply to shops where he knew he would be able to handle the workload.]

...Do I even need a resume here? Or do I just find a shop and ask.

[akaashi found himself worrying his fingers together as he dwelled on the issue further.

what should he do?]

c. (hungry like the wolf) [HOME - KITCHEN]


[god. what a day. while babysitting bokuto-san and team practices usually kept him busy and fit, this was on another level altogether. he felt like he was on his feet the entire day and now he was starving.

rubbing his empty stomach with a sigh he plodded his way into the kitchen and just... stood there? he wasn't much of a cook or anything and he wasn't sure what ingredients he should touch or if he should make for others or if there was just something he could quickly grab and chow down on.....

life was hard.

did some of this belong to other people? he was at a loss-


...and hungry.]

I should have bought something while I was out.

[said to no one in particular as he continued to rub his paining empty stomach as he considered his options.]
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[ Zenyatta is not an expert on finding a job. He has lived most his life at the monastery, and then he wandered the world being a guru... which did not really provide much in the way of income. ]

Have you sought the advice of the people in town? They are the ones doing the hiring.
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ooc: It's okay! Life happens

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Then perhaps you can offer to run errands for others and try a number of tasks before settling on one.

[ It would depend entirely on having tasks available, and work will not be consistent. ]