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[Event] Pumpkiller

Who: A very big and magical Jack-O-Lantern and you
What: A giant pumpkin is trying to take over Domina... or something like that.
Where: West Domina, past the residential area
When: Day 33
Other: Likely some violence. Check the post for more info and ask any questions here.

At least, that's what the usual mail pelican is frantically squawking about on the front steps of home with her feathers going everywhere as she flaps her wings.

And.... there are some very disconcerting dark clouds gathering around Domina that haven't yet started intruding on the sky around Home. Perhaps this merits some checking out.

To those that venture forth, they'll notice that Domina is eerily quiet as they step into it from the road. Both Domina's tavern and inn seem empty, which is a strange thing in itself. Anyone who's visited the town regularly will have noticed that those two places, for good reason, are often the most lively places in town.

Just where has everyone gone....?

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[ Zenyatta tried to talk to the giant pumpkin and smaller pumpkins numerous times, even yelling in case they were hard of hearing. All attempts at a peaceful resolution failed, and the giant pumpkin still thrashed dangerously with the small ones causing other kinds of chaos. Zenyatta retreats to the outer edge of the clearing and places Bothi on the ground. With others starting to go on the offensive, he intends to join the effort.

However... there are a number of problems.

  1. He cannot channel energy and thus cannot hover or shoot his Orbs of Destruction.
  2. He does not have access to his Orb of Discord for a similar reason.
  3. He does not have his shields which would normally protect his frame. 50/200 HP
  4. He will be trying to kick something much, much larger than him.

Zenyatta is logically aware of these short comings but ignoring them because he will not stand by when others need help. And he has gotten better with walking everywhere again. Falling back on his kick focused martial arts, he goes to strike. Luckily, a number of the smaller pumpkins intercept him and prevent a worse fate. He tries to kick one like a soccer ball. A second pumpkin rams into his back from behind. He thuds onto ground, sending dirt up into the air. The pumpkins latch on with their vines and try (unsuccessfully) to bite into his metal body. Still, there are lots of spots to get vine holds. His joints are locked, and they essentially pin him to the ground. Zenyatta... is more embarrassed than hurt. He sighs,

... Overconfidence is a flimsy shield...

[ Bothi runs as fast as possible on their thin vine legs to find someone to help their Omnic monk. If someone does not spot Zenyatta under half a dozen pumpkins, they might have a lullabud tugging on them. Help please. ]
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['Noticing things' isn't high on the elf's list of things to do today. She is aware of the dark and ominous clouds, and has even tracked them to close to their source, but she seems more inclined to be having a swearing session about that. Why might be more obvious if we listened in on what she was saying.]

--bloody Headless Horseman! I hope he ain't here! I'm tired of him lobbin' his pumpkin head at me and--what?

[This tirade is stopped, blessedly, by the lullabud tugging at her boot. She's not sure what it is, but it definitely isn't pumpkin related, so. She crouches, tapping the thing on its tiny bud with the hilt of her dagger, ever so gently.]

What's that then, cutting? [hey, it looks like some botanist's favorite plant, who is she to argue? When the lullabud runs off, she follows.]

Oh, bollocks. [About the giant pumpkin. The little plant's attention is elsewhere, however. And it does manage to direct Avandrel's attention to the bound up monk. And she wastes no time in putting that dagger to use in granting him freedom.]

Oi! Cutting belongs to you, eh?

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Ah, thank you. I did not heed my own teachings and now have... an enlightening experience for it.

[ Which is to say that he knows he screwed up.

The smaller pumpkins begin to retreat away from the dagger once Avandrel starts to cut Zenyatta free, and Zenyatta stands as soon as he is able. Bits of pumpkin pulp stick to his metal from the failed attempts of pumpkins eating him. For now, he pays it no mind.


[ Bothi climbs up Zenyatta and twists their vines around his neck and "faces" the retreating pumpkins as if to say "Just try to climb on my Omnic!" They sputter a few spores in that direction. But the pumpkins watch the three of them warily, perhaps planning their next attack. ]

Yes, Bothi is under my care. I have underestimated what my sleepy flower can do at their age.
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'E was smart enough ta go get help, so good on him. It?

[Not that whether or not the flowerling had a gender really mattered to Avandrel. She sort-of grins over at the Omnic, tilting her head a little.]

Not too used to hand-to-ehhh. [That makes her peter off a bit. This is not hand-to-hand.] Hand to leaf combat?

Yer not broken under all that pulp, are ya? I never picked up any engineerin' back home, so I'm no good to help if'n ye are.

[Though to be perfectly honest, she almost regrets that. Having some explosives wouldn't be a bad idea, right now...]
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[ Zenyatta has no idea if lullabuds have genders. He knows that there are plants that are male, female, both, in between, and neither... so he uses the plural until he is told otherwise. It is a good practice for Omnics too. ]

I appear to be fine, though I think I must smell like a pie after being gnawed on.

[ He gives a small laugh and pats Bothi on the head. Good sleepy flower. ]

I am more used to humanoid opponents... and having more than my kicks at my disposal. If you had not come, I am unsure I would have been able to free myself.