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➸ Quest Catch All

Who: Anyone interested
What: The Major Quests on the most recent Quest Post
Where: Various places
When: Throughout the next couple of months
Other: Babites goes on until the next Quest post. Rachel is immediately open to top levels and freeform adventuring. Cavern Concert will be open for OOC sign ups and initial NPC interaction for a week before starting up proper.
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Zenyatta had seen the ads asking for an escort through the caverns. He did not consider himself a great warrior as he stood--or hovered as he can now do once more--his embarrassing battle against pumpkins taught him that lesson. However, he could still throw his orbs, and an escort need not be violent. It could be company, and Zenyatta is interested in the Mekiv Caverns. What could be down there?

He floats into the tavern, a place he doesn't usually frequent, and asks for Hope. He's quickly ushered her way. "Greetings, are you Miss Hope?" He gives a small wave. Zenyatta also wonders that lamp is supposed to look like a lullabud. The lamp's similar appearance to Bothi amuses Zenyatta, and Bothi extends a vine-like limb with an intent to poke it if allowed.
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Without taking an actual seat, Zenyatta moves to be at the table and lightly takes her hand to shake. (He also offers a slight bow of his head.) Bothi, however, continues to focus on the lamp... though no longer trying to poke it.

"Of course. I am Zenyatta, and this is Bothi," Zenyatta says. "I come from the large tree that is a half an hour's walk from town. It is a pleasure to meet you."
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Hopefully, Hope hasn't heard anything too bad.

"If you are still in need of someone to accompany you, then I have. I am curious about what might be within the caverns, so our paths can converge."
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"It can be much to ask someone to leave the comfort of the known. However, if one does not venture out, one can miss seeing the most wondrous things." Zenyatta speaks generally and personally. He would have a different life had he not left the mountains of Nepal, and he couldn't imagine his life without the experiences and connections he had created.

His orbs circle around him, and Bothi tries to bat at an orb as it passes. "I do not require anything that I do not already have upon me. We can leave whenever you wish."
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"Of course. I will wait for you there." Zenyatta leaves with a slight nod of his head and a hand on Bothi to keep them from falling as he moves. (Bothi then settles into a more stable seat on his shoulders.)

When Hope arrives at the road, Zenyatta is hovering lower to the ground, meditating. Yet, he stirs as she approaches, and he resumes a higher hovering position to make it easier for them to talk eye to eye. "Have you finished your preparations, Miss Hope?"
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Zenyatta lets Hope lead the way. This is her expedition, and she is the leader. He is an escort. (And Bothi can be group mascot.)

"You may. I will try to answer it as best I can." There are few questions he won't answer, and even if he did feel like not answering, he would give a partial answer in his own way.
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"You are not being rude at all. I have been asked this question many times since my arrival. Some people are more familiar with robots or automations, and while those are not exactly what I am, they are closer than others."

He continues floating, voice calm and easy. "I am an Omnic."
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Zenyatta tilts his head in curiosity. He knows of the fanciful idea of ancient mechanical beings, usually in alternate reality stories if he wasn't mistaken, and he has only met other people like him among those taken from their worlds. To discover there is some evidence of similar beings in this world is very interesting.

"I would like to learn more about them if possible. No one should be forgotten like that." Even those with ill deeds are worth knowing about to prevent history from repeating. "Did you learn of them through story?"
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Zenyatta falls quiet, and as if they sense his unease, Bothi stills. He had hoped for a different outcome, something that didn't involve war. It will take a few moments longer in quiet contemplation before he speaks softly, "It saddens me to learn that this world has faced such a crisis. This world has seemed so peaceful."

And there is more of a need to learn more. Zenyatta is not the only mechanical person among them. If there is a dark history, it would be wise to be mindful of it when interacting with the locals.
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"There are no need for apologies. In fact, I thank you for bringing this to my attention." Harmony and discord are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. In hindsight, Zenyatta thinks he will need to meditate further on this matter and process his thoughts and feelings. He feels like he overlooked something and took for granted the relative peace he has experienced in Fa’Diel.

"However, if you wish to change the subject, perhaps we can talk about our destination. Did you wish to explore the caverns, or did you have another purpose for our trip in mind?"
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"An elemental spirit? That would be very fascinating to find." Zenyatta watches curiously as Hope lights her lamp. It quite beautiful. Thankfully, Bothi does not try to investigate the lit lamp; instead they curl around Zenyatta's middle for a nap.

"I can also help provide light should we need it." He points at the lights on his forehead and gives a small laugh. Then he'll follow Hope inside.
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"I was under the impression you needed an escort," says Zenyatta with humor in his voice. "If we separate, then I would not be doing good at my job."

But regardless of that little detail and jest, Zenyatta hovers forward. If the elemental spirit wishes for quiet, then he thinks that deeper inside the caverns, away from the outside noise, would probably be where it is. He tries to listen past the hums and clicks of his own internal workings. It's almost like he has fallen into a meditative trance.

Then he randomly pick a path that takes the western wall because it looks interesting. Zenyatta's wandering and curious heart makes the choice for him.

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