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An interesting observation

Who: Zenyatta, Skyfire
What: Robotic roommates residence realizations
Where: Home, floor 3, room 4
When: Sometime after Zenyatta returns from his quest
Other: Possibility of post quest talk in later bits

Zenyatta spends a lot of time meditating in his room after escorting Hope through the caverns. He finds solace among his growing collection of potted plants, taking care of them, and softly laughing whenever he went to water one only to find that Bothi had curled themselves beside a pot (or whatever soil holding item he had at hand).

"Oh dear..." he says as he takes in the area closest to his bed. Zenyatta noticed that watering is taking him longer, but he is still a little surprised when he fully computes why that's the case. "It would seem my plants have multiplied once again."

He had this problem back when he lived in Nepal. His brothers and sisters loved to tease him about it.
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Skyfire really doesn't mind the plants, he's actually added a few of his own to the... small forest now slowly taking over the room. Between the plants and his slowly growing collection of scrap metal items, it's getting more than a little difficult to navigate the room.

That wasn't to say the room was messy. Everything had a place and was stored neatly, but things were starting to get tight. Finding Bothi curled up in some of the oddest places both amused and slightly worried Skyfire as he wondered if perhaps the little one was feeling a bit crowded.

He looked over at Zenyatta with a slightly sheepish expression when he made the comment about the plants. "You can't blame it all on the plants... I... might have added several myself..." He'd been helping care for them too, but Zenyatta managed to beat him to it most of the time.

"We... might have to start looking for another place to stay." He looked around the room, the thought of just one of them 'moving out' to find their own place never even crossing his mind. "If we keep going like this, Bothi will be the only one that will be able to fit in here."
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Skyfire considers that a moment, then sighs and nods. "I think I'm much the same... I don't wish to be seen as trying to take over more than my fair share of space either..." He was already curbing his need to collect things to the bare minimum, but it was tough.

Settling on the mattress on the floor, he used the base of the bed as a table and started to sort through some of his things to try and find the few pages of blank paper he'd taken from the message board. After all, it took a lot of time for him to make a note to post. Still, using a sheet to do a few sketches couldn't hurt?

"There are quite a few areas of open space nearby... Do you think anyone would object to us building something? It wouldn't be the first time I've made a garden..."
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"I could. Though it might be better to build a greenhouse or some sort of building, since I don't know what the climate here is like yet..." Skyfire is actually rather excited at the thought of being able to build something again. That he could actually share it with others and not have to hide was a very welcome bonus.

"It would be interesting to learn what ideas and techniques others have as well..." Looking out one of the windows himself, Skyfire started sketching out a few ideas on the small bit of paper with ink and a claw tip.

He sounded a bit unsure with his next question, but noting ventured... "Would you be interested in sharing a larger space? I mean, we could just build a garden but..."
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"Hmmm... I have a few possible ideas..." Skyfire is clearly sketching out some kind of strange mix of hill, glass building and garden. It would be fun to see what the villagers might have for local plants. He pauses in his sketching and mutters softly "Needs a quarantine room..." As he thinks of the pumpkin creature from before.

Chuckling softly Skyfire gives Zenyatta a grin. "I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time in here still yet. There won't be a roof for quite some time, but..." He flips the rough sketch around to let Zenyatta take a look. "It's not the best sketch, but what do you think?"

It's a rough sketch of a hill with what looks like greenhouse windows, an underground 'house' area and places for plants to be grown all over the 'hill'.
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The compliment of his rough sketch was met with what seemed like mild surprise as he gave Zenyatta a small smile. Taking the compliment, but clearly not used to others appreciating what talents he had. "Thank you."

When it came to the question about materials, that causes Skyfire to contemplate things a moment. "I'm not entirely sure to be honest. Before we can start anything, we need to decide on a location and size... plus what the local materials are like here."

Skyfire really wants Zenyatta's (and Bothi's) input on things, mostly because he isn't sure what would be most comfortable for them. Sure, he could guess... but that wasn't the same.
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"Perhaps we should go out and scout the area? We do want to be far enough from the tree that our building will not impact the roots and sunlight the tree receives as well."

Considering things a bit further he adds "Depending on what's in the ground, we might not need to ask the tree for support. I do want to avoid digging where it might effect the tree negatively in the future as it likely will continue to grow."

He was trying to figure out the best location and was idly debating finding some sticks and cloth to make flags to mark out where they think it should go.
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"Do you think anyone would mind if we took a couple of extra pieces of paper that are for the message board? Once we have the area selected it might be a good idea to post the location and general size to see if anyone has problems with it..."

Skyfire considers that he might be over thinking things a little, but he didn't want to make anyone upset with him. He really wasn't used to having to share such close quarters with others, and it's starting to show in the way he's worrying about using things and sharing space.

He's starting to make a few friends, and he's horribly afraid of messing it up.

"Um, I could go outside and start to collect some sticks to make marking stakes with... You have an easier time getting around inside, so..."
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"It sounds like a plan then." Skyfire picked up the bottle of ink he was using and closes it up before offering it to Zenyatta. "If you bring this, at least it's one less thing to find." Skyfire could use it to write and draw at least, and depending on what Zenyatta wanted to use for writing himself, he wouldn't have to search for ink.

He realized at that point he really should find himself a way to create a bag or something to carry items. True, he had gotten his tool kit back after the pumpkin fiasco... but that only held his tools, not gave him a way to transport them or other items easily.

Chuckling at how excited Bothi seems, Skyfire tips his head and uses a foreleg to offer the little one assistance to get up onto his head, putting the 'bag issue' out of his mind for the moment.

"Alright Bothi, come on up... But no exploring on your own alright? You stay up there until Zenyatta meets up with us." Skyfire still worried about being outside with Bothi without Zenyatta being around, as he wasn't sure he could keep the little one out of danger should something happen.
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Skyfire found some sticks that were just laying around on the ground and used his claws to trim them to an even size as well as sharpen the ends while he waited for Zenyatta.

"More than enough. We can return what we don't use later, as well as put up a notice about where and what we plan to build... We don't want to put anything up where it might cause others problems after all."

He considered things a moment and had a thought. "What do you think of perhaps looking for a building space off to one side of the orchard?" He tilts his head in thought, being mindful that he doesn't send Bothi tumbling. "We don't want to be too far away, but being too close could be an issue as well. No matter what we build, I'm going to have to do a fair bit of digging to give us a stable base to build from..."
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Glossing over the location search, let me know if you want any edits

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"Decoration help would be welcome, but feel free to ask questions and help even so. I'm more than willing to try and teach you what I know as well as build." Because why not? Skyfire shifted a little to allow Bothi easier access to the ground, smiling a bit.

"We'll have to find a spot to build before we can do any exploratory digging..."

It took them a few hours to find and agree on a possible spot, finally settling on an area next to the orchard that was far enough back that they could build next to it without being in the way, yet close enough that they could make a path from the main areas of Home and still be close.

"I think this might work location wise? There is enough room here that we can build without disturbing the already used areas and it doesn't seem to be too far away?" Skyfire thinks it could work, but then again, his ideas of distance were a bit off considering how large he was combined with the fact he could fly.
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"A general perimeter would be a good idea. We can't really do much more until I start digging to see how deep I'll have to go..." He paused and thought a moment. "We should mark off about twice the amount of space that we'll end up needing total for what we're building. That should give us plenty of space for supplies and for me to put whatever I need to dig out to one side..." That was no small amount of space, but they were far enough from the main areas that it wouldn't cause anyone any trouble.

The second question has Skyfire curious, wondering what Zenyatta felt the need to speak about that he had to ask first. It wasn't as if Skyfire was going to say no after all. "Of course. It's not like we can't talk and work."
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Skyfire groaned and then let out a sigh of his own, pausing in his observation of the land for a place to make an initial hole for digging. "It figures..." He sounded a little tired, but at the same time, he wasn't going to get too worried about it, yet at least.

"Lets... not borrow trouble. Nobody has reacted overly poorly to either of us at this point in time, so perhaps there may not be anything to worry about." He considers things a moment. "We can look for information if we come across it, but going out of the way to search for it at this point seems... slightly foolish?"

He's not trying to dismiss the idea, but at the current time there seemed little point in stressing over it. If it looked like it would become relevant, then they could search harder, but for the moment there was little to go on and looking too hard would perhaps draw unneeded attention.